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I began my relationship with the guitar in 1968, upon recieving a wonderful Stella for my 9th birthday. Thus began a lifelong journey and love for the guitar. I started repairing instruments in the Northeast of Michigan in the late seventies, and had the opportunity to work on many great old Gibson guitars and other great instruments of the 50's-60's.

It was around this time I started envisioning guitars that had great sonic and asthhetic appeal and yet be affordable. Well, here we are 30 years down the road, after playing thousands of gigs and building and repairing many, many guitars, (solid-bodies, arch-tops, semi-hollow and bass guitars) and studying with some of the worlds great builders and repair people, I have found a way to incorporate many of the aspects of the finest instuments I've played in designs that are both affordable and beautiful. I always start with great woods, and constuction from the "inside out" with the goal of capturing the sounds and feel of the finest insruments, and with great "curb appeal", built to last a lifetime!

Phillips Guitars is a tiny and a couple good friends, who really want to do what we love, design great guitars and make friends not just customers. I set up each guitar personally, play them and then send them on their way to you. It is my goal to help you on your musical journey with the guitar or bass in any way I can!

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Kraig Phillips

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